Proctored Test FAQ

You have arrived at the Private Prep's online home for test taking.

This page is dedicated to answering questions about proctored tests administered through Zoom.

This is separate from our digital, interactive test guide, which can be found here.

How do I register for a test?

As is normally the case you are able to register for an upcoming exam through the The Private Prep Dashboard.

As many of our locations aren't having normal tests, you will likely want to select 'Online' from the location dropdown.

How do I see the online test schedule?

You are able to view our full test schedule here!

You are also able to view these tests via the 'Schedule Test' form inside The Private Prep Dashboard.

How do I get my exam?

Just like normal, we will be sending out admissions tickets two business days prior to an exam. Because our normal system is being actively modified, tickets are unlikely to be delivered at noon Eastern Time.

You can still expect at least some level of confirmation to come in email form during the work day on Thursday for weekend tests.

This admissions ticket will contain directions related to the administration of the test you have registered for.

If you misplace the admissions ticket or something is unclear, you are able to retreive a fresh copy and full registration details by logging into The Private Prep Dashboard.

Generally speaking, you will receive either an attached PDF copy of the exam, a link to download a copy of the exam, or specific instructions to use an exam you received as part of your materials package.

How will the exam be proctored?

The admissions ticket will contain a Zoom link to an online meeting room that all registered students will be able to attend.

Come test time, a Private Prep proctor will 'host' the meeting room and administer the test as if it was in person. This will include giving instructions for each exam section and allowing for any typical breaks.

If you have not yet downloaded Zoom, please be sure to do so on the device the test taker plans to use on test day. There is a wide variety of web clients and apps available here:

How will I submit answer sheets?

You have arrived at the right place!

Using information in your admissions ticket–including your Private Prep student and registration id's–you will complete an online form much like a digital bubble sheet.

If you prefer to best mimick a real world testing environment, we will also provide a link to download PDF of a blank bubble sheet that you can print.

After the test has concluded you will then need to manually enter your answers into our digital form.

How do I submit my essay?

If you are chosing to take an essay section, directions will be included at the end of the digital form of how to best send it to our grading team.

When will I get my score?

Because our format has changed so too has our method of grading.

We will do our best to post scores on the following Monday for weekend tests by 5:00 PM Eastern time.

As soon as scores are ready, you will receive an email notification from the dashboard.

Other Questions

We appreciate both your patience and feedback as we develop this new project.

If you have any questions, as always please don't hesitate to reach out to your director!

Thank you,

The Private Prep Team